Green Flag Award

The nature reserve was awarded a Green Flag for 2022/23. These awards recognise and reward well managed parks and green spaces worldwide. This year 2208 awards went to a variety of sites across the UK, nature reserves like ours, parks and recreation grounds, heritage sites and community gardens. Bromley Borough owned sites were awarded eight green flags this year for sites managed by idverde.

All the sites, large and small are judged on the same criteria. They must be well managed, safe, well maintained, clean and welcoming. They must have a positive effect on the environment, promote biodiversity and ensure conservation of the landscape.  Sites must also demonstrate that they provide facilities for and communicate with the local community.

The team at idverde with the help of the FODNW spent months putting together documentation proving we met all the requirements and on a sunny day in early July we were visited by Chris Worman MBE one of the Green Flag award judges. We spent a very enjoyable day showing him around our site, introducing him to some of our volunteers and telling him about the work we do. He in turn told us about some the world wide places he has judged including an oasis in the Middle East. 

We followed the route of the nature trail which starts at Broadwater gardens led by taking a break for lunch hosted by our acting chairman in his garden. Along the route we met and talked with our volunteers who monitor butterfly numbers, do regular bird surveys and record the hundreds of plant species seen every year. It was clear that the site was being enjoyed by a wide variety of people, dog walkers, young mum’s with buggies and toddlers as well as participants  of our weekly walk for wellbeing.

The award was presented to representatives from idverde and friends groups from Darrick and Newstead Woods, Biggin Hill Recreation ground and Chiselhurst and St. Paul’s Cray Common at a ceremony in Lambeth Assembly Hall. After a drinks reception in the courtyard awards were presented to winners from all over Greater London and the South of England followed by an afternoon tea. 

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